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Building Your Support Team 
The B.E.S.T. News 
Building your Family Support Team is very important.     Four legal documents you need include the:

                       ▪ Healthcare Proxy
                       ▪ Durable Power of Attorney (POA)
                       ▪ Living Will or Life Support Document
                       ▪ Estate Will

People are surprised to learn that even college students need these essential documents.  Every generation can agree to have this common. 
The B.E.S.T. provides educational information, resources and referral services. We understand that assessing specific needs and providing information that relates to your particular situation is key. Our experienced Certified Financial Planners™ are dedicated to educate you on how you can afford healthcare, preserve assets and pay less taxes.

Q.  How Do You Measure the Success of an Education?
                A.  By the confidence of your decisions!

Tax Planning
Tax returns are important documents you use to secure:

                    ▪ Mortgages
                    ▪ Student loans
                    ▪ Medicaid 
                    ▪ Other financial goals  

Tax planning takes on an important role in meeting your future objectives.  The B.E.S.T. Team provides tax services to help you understand tax rules and how they apply to you.